Lenhart Tapes

Vladimir Lenhart better known as Lenhart Tapes since 2010 has been working on sampling music from a variety of genres – from ethno, world music to noise industrial. He has released the vinyl “Duets” (Pop spectrum of different music / New age, 2021) as a result of years of work and collaboration with other artists.

Mirjana Raić, member of the group Rođenice, is one of the leading vocals on the album „Duets“. “Their ten year work in music has resulted in a merge between the ethno Balkan sound with rock and electronic music in a truly one of a kind brutal way. Vladimir Lenhart has created such wonderful musical sceneries that leads the traditional sound to completely new grounds.

The basis of Lenhart’s “Duets” are the fantastic vocal songs of the singers Mirjana Raić and Svetlana Spajić, which seem to have been performed in a traditional a cappella manner, and then brutally mixed with the rest of the sound image, not shying away from using various ethnic instrumental recordings or furious Hendrix’s escapades on the electric guitar (…) Rarely is a work simultaneously buried in the past and undeniably packed for the future, as much as “Duets” by Lenhart Tapes. The only thing that is unclear is how ready the present is for such a brutal attack.”