Luboyna or “love” and “battle,” is one of the most distinguished and most representative bands in the region that is transmitting, in the most authentic ways, the pulse of the Macedonian musical beat not only into what is called urban but also into a worldly open sound. Luboyna is not only a popular brand. It is an idea that has created a super sound from a forgotten music and has become a core around which many musicians are gravitating and from which younger audiences are drawing their inspiration. The group is creating music with all of its passion, enthusiasm, and fierceness which are expressed through the music like a universal mother tongue. As a result the music has revealed a cosmopolitan code that the band is carrying within itself. Luboyna is playing this music very passionately. It is played with the energy of a rock band in all its forms: roots, classical, popular and experimental form. The music is expressed through Vera Miloshevska’s as one of the most profound and distinguished Macedonian vocals (among the music critics also known as “Vera the Nightingale”) that together with Oliver Josifovski (bassist, composer and Luboyna’s producer) for the last 18 years are recognized as the band’s brand and is synonymous for Luboyna. The music of Macedonian band Ljubojna is music of exploration. During the 18 years of its existence, the band has passed through several stages with several changes in the lineup, and that resulted in stylistically different records. This thirst for exploration caused a fierce turnover in our lives, when we were deciding, each for himself, and then together, that music is what we could live most sincerely and what we could witness most faithfully. The same feeling of love and exploration joined us into a successful team and the result of that would be something that will be a creation of the new sounds of Macedonian music. By that I don’t refer to the so-called “ethnic” music, but to the real Macedonian popular contemporary music scene. The music grew as our intentions grew. All of the band’s phases can be found on each of the releases. By experimenting and researching, Luboyna is constantly refreshing the music, again and again, thus keeping its sound modern, powerful, elegant and energetic. From 2011 it adds the term Brass Fantasy to its name and the band becomes a bigger sensation that is literally shaking and filling in concert halls and amphitheaters with capacities of well over 50.000 people. The band is making its audiences sing in one voice. It has touched the hearts of many people and has built a bridge between them, joining people from different generations and with different musical tastes. The music of Luboyna is a synthesis of all expressive and elegiac emotions and sounds of joy, sorrow, euphoria, intensity, chill-out, pop, passion, funk, soul, folk, oriental, belly dance, jazz… Luboyna is not a Balkan beat. It is a super energetic musical twisting of the globe and journeying around the world where various musical styles have joined together the most distant geographical locations. What is making this journey powerful and authentic is that it is nesting within the musical concentrate in the very heart of the Balkans, in a Mediterranean manner, thus making it “sunny” and “aromatic.” Since 2001, Luboyna have composed music for various theater, ballet and dance performances and film projects. It has performed live all around the world: Toronto, New York, Moscow, Istanbul, Venice, Rome, Ljubljana, Sarajevo, Marseille, Belgrade, Thessaloniki, Paris, Sofia, Beijing, etc. Several times it was awarded as the best group.