Lufthansa is a band created in 2020. It’s members are: Ivo Nikolovski, Andrej Dimovski, Luka Jovanoski, Viktor Stojanovski, Rade Bikovski and Martin Dzorlev. They are playing post punk, psychedelic rock and everything that comes at the moment. 

On April 5, 2021 they released their first album called “Demo Tape 1” that will throw your sneakers and socks out of your feet, or if you don’t wear socks while wearing sneakers, then don’t listen to this album (it’s okay if you’re barefoot with sandals). 

On July 17 the same year, they released their second album “Demo Tape 2” (this one you can listen to wearing sneakers without socks).

Until now, they have played as a part of the first season of Youth For Skopje, “Alarm Fest 2021”, “Zdravo Mladi 11”, “PMG Recordings Festival 11” during White Night 2021 and on “30 years Kanal 103”.

On October 8, 2021, they released their newest release called “Mirovna tegla” (The jar of peace), their third album for the year.

With three releases in one year and a great run of gigs, Lufthansa are continuing their creative journey and sharing their expression.