Maz. Rapper from Luxembourg. He tends towards gloom, inhales melancholy and spits out hope. Old school beats meet the words of the progressive rapper from the future, we’ve been waiting for. His rhymes are spot on and aim right into our wounds. Their content is their message. A raw confrontation with life in brutal honesty. A determination to not only scratch at the surface, but to rip it open. Maz draws from life and there is no life without death. No death without illness. No suffering without an open heart. No healing without vulnerability. This rapper was awarded Best Performer at the Screaming Fields and nominated for the Best Upcoming Artist 2018 for the Luxembourg Music Awards. In early 2018, he celebrated a brilliant album release in the Rockhal and appeared at the end of the same year during Sonic Visions. After performing with just 19 years of experience on all major (Luxembourgish) stages with outstanding live shows and as a supporting act for Nicki Minaj, Maz followed with many other performances outside of Luxembourg at prestigious festivals such as the Printemps de Bourges, Jardin du Michel, Europavox, in Estonia, Fin- land and Belgium. Maz is ready for the international stage. At the end of 2019, Maz will go on an European tour with his new EP Sleepwalker. With a sharpened musical and visual identity (#mazk), the young rapper wants to give the voiceless not just a voice, but an uncompromising vision. Along with his followers, he seeks to drop the self-imposed mask and all other unnecessary superficialities. Sleepwalker is the dream of an unadulterated reality, the nightmare of a comatose state and the rebirth into a real and honest life. Maz is the new engine of a more genuine and profound hip-hop generation and incarnates a courageous attitude of empathy with a vision towards the future.