MMNK is a group of bratty individuals, who found each other in 2019. All the members had been playing together prior in various bands. The band is characterized by crafting their own musical language of edgy humor, which tends to provoke yet entertain and lure young audience, thirsty for a sip of that Beastie Boy-ish cadence.

Emerging in 2021, they took over stages across the country with appearances at festivals like Beseda u Bigbítu or Okolojeles. They prepare to perform their cocktail of progressive rock and kinky rap at PIN Music Conference & Showcase in Macedonia in November. While these lines are being written and their new album being finished, MMNK promise to amuse you and make you dance, titillate your senses and make you think: “Ain’t the world a silly place where every minute can be cherished and mocked like a tiny little joke?” The new album is released via Kabinet Records in the beginning of 2022.