Molchat Doma

“This is no exaggeration – almost every track on this album feels iconic in a familiar, but also foreign way. Although it is sung entirely in Slavic, the sad, nostalgic themes still resonate deeply – the sonic accomplishment surpassing language itself.”

Andrew Zistler, NEW RETRO WAVE

“Friendship ended with Joy Division, now Молчат Дома is my best friend,” confesses one of the many hilarious Youtube comments under the album “Этажи” (“Etazhi”), which already passed the 1.5 million views mark. The album released on the Berlin-based Detriti Records was recently repressed for the fifth time  the first four pressings were sold out long ago. One really gets the impression Minsk is experiencing its golden post-punk age right now. Molchat Doma’s demos could easily be sold as long-lost b-sides from an 80s record despite the fact they’ve been only making music since 2017. Their gloomy dance post-punk, new wave and synth-pop sound like a homage to the genres’ pioneers but at the same time Molchat Doma could pass as one of them.