Natacha Atlas & Dzambo Agusevi Orchestra

Creation between Natacha Atlas and the virtuoso brass band from Macedonia: a meeting around the East and the shores of the Mediterranean combining the captivating sounds of Dzambo with the depth of the voice of the Egyptian Diva.

Natacha Atlas is one of the most remarkable voices in the Arab world, recognized for her ability to brilliantly synthesize the vocal traditions of the West and the Middle East through a discography as rich as it is diversified. Adept at innovative musical blends, Natacha Atlas has demonstrated all the elegance and intensity of her singing by venturing in recent years into the world of jazz or electro. A sophisticated musical discourse that the singer associates this time with the virtuoso Macedonian trumpeter Dzambo Agusevi.

Dzambo, unavoidable gypsy trumpet player from Macedonia, originally from Turkey, is accompanied by his brass band, between incandescent brass and irresistible rhythm. With their breathtaking virtuosity and communicative energy, they reinvent gypsy traditions to the rhythm of their multiple cosmopolitan influences (Latin, Turkish, funk, jazz, rock).

Vidéos :
Live at « Welcome in Tziganie » festival – France :
Live at «  Nisville Jazz festival » – Serbia :