“Parketi” (Parquets) were formed a decade after the first wave of punk music, when everything had already been heard and seen, from the Sex Pistols to the Ramones, even “Sharlo Akrobata” and “Pekinska Patka” in the areas of Yugoslavia. In Bitola, at the end of the eighties, there were only a few “underground” bands that made their own music and only one basement disco where turbo folk was not heard. With the fall of Yugoslavia, the state no longer controlled the media, so new private radios and televisions began to open, making room for everything and everyone. Radio Bitola and some local television stations started making charts of “demo” bands where everyone could vote for their favorite. Parketi have always had a recognizable and specific sound. Their lyrics always rhyme, but, as the members like to say, the lyrics are “abstract”. An example of the “abstractness” in the lyrics is the song “Superman” – “Something flies, it’s red, is it a fan?” It’s not a fan – it’s Superman.” The first album was recorded in 1996 and is named “Griza na sovesta”, and the second – “Gazirana harmonia” was recorded in 1998 and on it the band has a different composition, i.e. instead of Sasho Parquet – the vocalist is his brother. Sasho returns to the band at the beginning of the new millennium.

Parketi cover a variety of topics in his songs, but as they emphasize, the love songs themselves have always been the most honest.

Songs without a theme: “Oranges”, “Wasps”, “Flies”, “One milk and one coffee”, “Eva Mendez”, “Fuck grandma on the fly” and others.
Songs with a love theme: “Ball”, “I think”, “Most in the whole world”, “Little spring”, “Barbara”, “Song with the most beautiful notes”, “On the moon I forgot you” and others.
Sometimes there were also songs that had a touch with social topics and topics important to Parketi, and in that category belong the songs “Бrown dwarfs”, “We love”, “Clara smokes weed”, “Sweet vegetarian”
Covers of songs: “Aco kabadaya”, “Sugar”, “Bandiera Rosa”