“The mystery of nature holds the key of opening the path of music”

Perija is and it will grow like a concept which symbolizes equality, empathy, and acceptance. Everything that stimulates the aflame of expressing individuality and breaking stereotypes. In this manner, our street performance is a statement of egalitarianism and has a tendency to promote the culture of availability and minimize elitism.

As our emotions through music are being expressed as dark folk oriental music with predominant female energy, we can say we have created something that is rooted in every one of us. This is leading to the core of the meaning of the word BAlKAN (mountain). The mystery of nature holds the key to opening the path of music. From an ethnomusicological aspect, our tendency is bringing back to life through music every thing that is hidden and forgotten from the times that have passed to the times that are coming in any culture. It`s an emotion that builds a family that is evoking a process of change. That is why we are singing and playing in different languages(Bulgarian, Albanian, Serbian, Turkish,) and instruments that are connecting the east and the west.

“Being nomads, our whirling path lead us in nature on gatherings, where we meet and made our band., and this lead to many travelings in the west and especially in the east which has deeply and intensely influenced our sound. More oriental makams and improvisations followed by the heartbeat of the dervish drum and the softness of the kemane fitted perfectly with the Balkan musical signature. First-year we did a lot of street performances and concerts in Skopje, Macedonia our birth town where a documentary has been made about us and the story that we tell.  We did a tour of Europe. We visited Switzerland, Italy, France where we had street shows, radio performances, and concerts where we promoted our two albums.”