Šajzerbiterlemon is a Belgrade-based garage – punk trio formed in 2014. They played mostly in small Belgrade clubs until 2017, then self-released debut EP along with 3 music videos, and promoted it with concerts around the country and region. In 2019, the band released debut LP called “Iza naših zidova” (Behind our walls) for Croatian record label Geenger records.

“Šajzerbiterlemon are not plain and simple garage punk band. Their music also possesses very crude and abrasive elements of post-punk, noise rock, rock’n’roll and indie music which will shake your feelings upside down and perhaps in any other desired direction … They thought about each part of their debut record and they presented their ideas in a very unique way, so perhaps is not naive to say they’re proper leaders of newer Serbian alternative music scene.” – Thoughts words action review blog

“Iza naših zidova” (Behind Our Walls) is an unconditional pass to the A class of Serbia’s flourishing music scene. Through a bit less than 30 minutes of their debut album Šajzerbiterlemon are moving in the style of the already iconic Nightrider from Mad Max, not even thinking of retreating an inch from the mad tempo and rhythm of punk and garage rock. – Ziher.hr

“Šajzerbiterlemon are sovereign throughout their debut record and leave nothing to chance.” – Muzika.hr

“Iza naših zidova (Behind Our Walls) is a true simple punk album, powerful, straightforward and rhythmic in everything necessary for this type of music, from engaged and aggressive lyrics to the music of the same kind.” – Novi List (Istra)