Short Reports

Short Reports are a high-energy rock duo, formed in Novi Sad (Serbia) by Nikolette (drums) and Nemanja (guitar/vox). The band's sound is minimalistic but expressive, with the philosophy ‘less is more’. We tend not to use too many effects or enhancements in our sound, just a regular drum set and one guitar with a few pedals and amplifiers.

The band’s main goal is to explore themes that are difficult for people to communicate. Rhythms and riffs are synchronized by default and we tend to express what we see or think at a specific moment. Lyrics are direct short messages that we write in a few minutes while playing new music ideas on rehearsal. There is no editing or adapting afterward, only rehearsing and selecting the good ones. Duo recorded the first album containing 11 songs in the summer of 2020. It’s called: “Cats VS Dogs”.

Short Reports also recorded the first music video for the song “Connection” and a live set with all the songsfrom the first LP performed at the end of 2020.

In 2021, the band won the first prize at “Majska gitarijada” in Požarevac (RS) as the best new band. The second video for “Bad Side” is released. Throughout the summer and early autumn of 2021, the band had concerts in Banja Luka (Bosnia), Niš (RS), and a few in the band's hometown of Novi Sad, also on TAKT (traditional, singer-songwriter intercultural festival). In the November of 2021, Short Reports released the album “Cats VS Dogs”. Following up, the third music video for the song “Standoff” is released at the beginning of 2022.

The first tour of 2022 included Luxembourg (where we presented Novi Sad as the European Cultural Capital) and Croatia (Zagreb, Požega, Đakovo), and lots of Balkanise cities. Short Reports released two music videos during the year for the songs “Goodbye” and “Lie”. The second album is in progress.

Short Reports are:
Nikolette Feher – Drums
Nemanja Velimirovic – Guitar/Voice