Sitzpinker is a four-piece band from Belgrade, Serbia. Members are Dunja Mijačić (vocals, synth), Danilo Ilić (guitar), Pavle Trifunović (guitar, bass) and Andrej Mladenović (drums). The debut EP “Podlo poštovanje” (Despicable Respect) was recorded in 2018. in Down There Studio with Uroš Milkić as a producer. As one of the bands from the HaliGali collective they performed at the HG festivals and appeared on the infuential compilation in 2019. with the single “Metanoja” (together with Vizelj, KOIKOI, Gazorpazorp, Šajzerbiterlemon, proto tip…).

In the meantime, they played everywhere across Serbia – the biggest performances so far were concerts at Arsenal and Beer Fest. With the singles “Da li”, “Sudan” and “Mustang”, Sitzpinker announced their first album in collaboration with Pop Depression/Kišobran collective and along the way hinted a new sonic direction in which the band is moving. All three singles became regional hits and the euphoric videos further boosted huge expectations from the band in the coming period. Sitzpinker’s music is the sound of New Belgrade, indie garage rock with hints of shoegaze and psychedelia. Expect their debut album in the second half of 2022.


– debut EP “Podlo poštovanje” july 2018.
– Hali Gali Kompilacija, song “Metanoja” december 2019.
– Single “Izolacija” may 2020.
– Single “Da li” june 2020.
– Single “Sudan” september 2021.
– Single “Mustang” december 2021.

“Mustang” –
“Sudan” –
“Metanoja” –
“Da li” – (24min sa Zoranom Kesićem) –

Zoran Stajčić,
HaliGali compilation starts with Šajzerbiterlemon and their somehow chaotic song “Sve senke”, but after that comes Sitzpinker with the song “Metanoja”. With penetrating and clear female vocals under which the bass guitar rumbles, this is also the first truly quality hit of the compilation.

Dragan Ambrozić,
One of the best bands of the Hali Gali underground generation, gathered in 2019. on the compilation of the same name, is expanding the language of the new garage rock’n’roll with electro accessories and a female voice. Much is rightly expected from their debut, and an idea of how it will sound is brought to us by the single “Sudan”.

Novak Govedarica,
“Mustang” is a potent, but by no means overpowering sequel to the previous, even juicier and even sexier single “Sudan”, one of those that marked the outgoing year. It seems to us that the 2022. will be even more the year for the young, “ultra-urban” musicians from whom a lot is expected.

Dušan Majkić,
The young Belgrade band Sitzpinker wants to do what they love, with constant emphasis on freedom of choice. In the spirit of their generation of indie, pop and alternative orientation, they raised the music industry to a more mature level, but without too much haste to turn the story into an album.

Nemanja Nešković,
“Sudan”! What an exotic psychedelic song with a delicate touch of the Orient! Hit in the center of the target! The question remains how is this not (a bigger) regional hit? Award for the best song for 2021. from Vardar to Triglav.

Mateo Nikše,
The song “Sudan”, which was released in September this year, was the first to show the new depth that this band has, and now they confirm it with the single “Mustang”. We can expect a lot more from them, ours is just to sit and wait for what will be born in this sound laboratory.