The Gluteens

Pauline, Thomas and Victor met in 2015 and created “The Gluteens” in the wake. They like the 60s, the 90s, the psychedelic pop, trance and fusion. Moreover it is only The Gluteens is all about fusion.

You can hear electro but a surf rock scratch is set on 130bpm beat. You also hear some Blondie somewhat epileptic. You’re suprised by hip-hop patterns until the voice you are suprised by hip-hop patterns until Pauline’s fallen angel voice takes you beyond. You thought you saw Die Antwoord but it was Nirvana hiding there. The Gluteens, them, do not hide on stage, their favourite playground.

In 2018, they recorded their first album in Berlin and then returned to the fold to ensure the first parts of “HF Thiefaine” in many zeniths of France.

Since 2020, they have been heard on FIP, Virgin Radio, Radio Vinci and are invited in the French TV program CultureBox (France 4) and Basique (France 2).

The Deluxe version of their first album was released on October 15 2021 in the stores on ANZN records. It is accompanied by 8 video clips linked by a strong and singular visual identity.

Their singles Shake Milk and She Dreams Alone make you dance dance on each scene where you met them. You come out of there you don’t know exactly what you’ve seen, you can’t pronounce their name, but you can’t pronounce tehir name, but you want to try again!