Toot Ensemble

-like EDM but human-
( marching band/acoustic techno )

A brass band that defies expectations, the TooT Ensemble are a nine-piece band that plays instrumental dance music. This ambitious project was started amidst the global pandemic, by the sax and accordion player David Lomič (Tygroo, Nerez&Lucia) and the multi-instrumentalist Robert Fischmann (Neřež, Bran), both seasoned musicians in their own right.

TooT Ensemble draw their inspiration from a variety of EDM styles as well as like minded bands such as Meute, Moon Hooch or Too Many Zooz. Expect no covers, though – the pieces are all originals. The sound of the group is defined by its six-piece brass section and a ruthless drumming troika. Theirs is an exuberant, eminently danceable music for people of all ages, creeds and colours.

Booking (riders etc.):