Zarina Prvasevda

Zarina is a Macedonian artist, a vocal performer and a musician that stages both Macedonian and World traditional music. She draws her inspiration from nature, from the everyday life of the ancient people throughout history, compared to the one we live today; from ongoing cultural and emotional evolution, as well as from people’s distinctive features and cultures that she takes interest in and constantly explores.

Zarina aspires to place traditional music into a different, unique and alternative form, taking into account that the music itself keeps its authenticity; all this with the help of vocal techniques that correspond with tradition. When it comes to the instrumental part, she creates an abundance of variety and the sense of space and freedom, combining diverse styles, rhythms as well as a range of ornaments typical for distinctive cultures and regions that she got acquainted with.

In her portfolio, there are numerous collaborations and vocal arrangements with domestic and foreign musician, as well as film projects : NA ‘ Tanec’, FUNHOUSE project, KALY Music Challenge, Cookie&Jam, FIN Project, Goran Trajkovski, Leo Genovese (USA), Quareim Quartet (France). Movies : “Pearl of the Sky” , Documentary movie “Via Dinarica” – The Macedonian Adventure, Skopsko Smooth – Advertisement

She was part of the cinematic realization of the mountain festival “Echo” 2020 with her own video project for her song “Sto se beli gore Shar Planina“ shot on the peak Ljuboten, upon the occasion of supporting and participating in the fight of declaring Shar Mountain to be a national park.

Right now, she is finalizing her debut studio album which features 11 traditional songs from different regions, performed in 4 different languages in collaboration with: Vasil Hadzimanov, Ismail Lumanovski, Aleksandar Petrov, Oliver Josifovski, Darko Furnadziski, Goce Dimovski, Filip Mihajlovski, Olivier Samoillan, Ratko Dautovski, Blagojce Trajkovski, Gazmend Berisha.


Members of her current ensemble (in different combinations) are:

Pence Kralev : Bass
Dragan Teodosiev : Drums
Ratko Dautovski : Percussion
Damjan Grujo : Percussion
Filip Mihajlovski : Quanun
Nevrus Bajram : Guitar
Ognen Zlatanov : Oud, Tambura, Kemane
Toni Arslan : Violin
Petar Hristov : Lira
Blagojce Trajkovski : Klarinet
Filip Dimishkovski : Keyboards