Zulu 3.4

Zulu 3.4 is an instrumental band from Skopje, founded in March 2018 by three young jazz enthusiasts, whose goal was to create a unique sound through fusion of different styles and bring freshness to the Macedonian music stage. Despite the fact that it is a relatively new band, Zulu 3.4 has so far been a part of several local festivals and events, out of which more significant are the performances within the, Sinestetika festival, Acoustic Breakfast festival, the 1000th radio program of Petar Mladenovski, Peceteka and the Jazz Fortnight Festival. In March 2019 they have promoted their debut album "FM to AM, which was recorded at the Alshar studio by Ivica Jankulovski. Zulu 3.4 consists of three members: Damjan Danevski (drums), Mario Simonovski (guitar) and Martin Dzhorlev (keyboards).