Altin Gjoni

I’m a session musician and music marketer active in Tirana’s creative and music scene. In the last 5 years, I recorded remotely for hundreds of international artists and managed music-related businesses.

My project is based on the re- arrangement, recording, and performance of old traditional Albanian songs brought in a new musical style from a team of new & seasoned artists. The goal is to keep the Albanian music tradition alive in the young generations and empower them through collaborating with high-level professionals.

As a working musician in my country, I see the vanishing of Albanian traditions from modern art/music daily. The young generation of artists is not given enough of it through media or is not pushed into performing it due to the entry barrier older generations of established artists put. Bringing traditional music into a new modern perspective with the help of professional and established musicians is a way to raise the young public’s interest and support young artists.

Documenting the process and concluding it with a live show and an online marketing campaign is the final step in paving the way for other similar events in the City. The performance aspect of the project will involve a group effort with visual traditional artists and artisans.

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