Ana Todorovska

Ana is a multidisciplinary artist, festival fanatic and a psychologist working in the field of expressive arts, based in Skopje. Her extensive experience as a DIY event and community organizer brought AlterFest to the table: a platform for exchanging skills and creating a strong local alternative scene. 

AlterFest is imagined to be an annual travelling music festival that will include using the capacity of already existing Homes of Culture and similar institutions, thus offering decentralization of culture and bringing life to smaller urban areas, easier access for artists who do not live in the capital city, enrich the program of the host institutions and provide support for multiple local economies. In cooperation with local authorities, the festival will offer a camp for its visitors, so an aspect that must not be overlooked is minimizing land damage by rotating locations.

The day program is focused on networking and collaboration between artists, which includes:
a) Skill-sharing workshops free of charge, where more experienced musicians would help new enthusiasts to learn through direct experience, share knowledge and improve their skills; as well as motivate new generations of musicians.
b) Open stage jam sessions, where artists will have the chance to play with someone new, which could lead to new collaborations.
c) Public discussions where artists will be able to gather around a certain topic and share experiences. 

The evening program is focused on promotion and support of local artists. This includes: live performances where artists can present their music and special stands for selling merchandise, which will directly support the band and their further music production.

AlterFest has the potential to grow into a Balkan network of alternative and independent artists.

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