Andries van Wieren

After receiving honors in the  master degree in the Jazz Drumming program at the Groningen Conservatory of music in 1997, and finishing a degree in Economics, Andries toured the world with a.o. the Philadelphia based super group Sister Sledge, and the Dutch reggae group Luie Hond. 

From his early success in the music industry Andries strongly believed he could get talented artists on international stages.  So, he started “3S Music Management” in 2005. 

3S Music Management launched successful international careers for artists like the Dope D.O.D., Michelle David and the True-tones, Jungle By Night, Amsterdam Klezmer Band, The Vices and MY BABY. 

Next to running the company, Andries dedicates a serious amount of time on educating musicians and young managers about strategic planning, effective ways to work, and communication. Andries teaches these strong values in  workshops, lectures and coaching programs all over the world.

Andries also enjoys a healthy and active lifestyle, and has a love for running and various sport activities.

3S Music Management is an artist management company with agency services. Andries finds new and innovative ways within opportunities to release their music and to promote his artist’s music via a vast international network of useful partners. 

3S Music Management is working with a small number of acts in a wide variety of genres. Giving them the flexibility and strength to operate successfully.