Aneta Hublová

I am a twenty-three-year-old student of Arts management, a music manager, a member of the Music Managers Forum CZ, an organizer of concerts and other multi-genre events, and a passionate musician myself, who has been dedicated to singing since childhood.

In the last six months, I became the music manager of two young talented musicians – the ambitious pop singer Ivo Blahunek and the multi-genre pianist and PETROF ambassador Jan Veselý, for whom I organize concerts also in a duo with the most sought-after Czech cellist Terezie Kovalová – in March I organized their first joint concert, where they introduced themselves to the public, including a PR event where we invited representatives from culture, the media, public figures and other artists. We have ambitious projects and plans with both musicians, which we want to start moving abroad. Ivo Blahunek is currently preparing for the national round of Eurovision, and with Jan Veselý we are going to be negotiating also collaborations with foreign artists, including foreign concerts in the near future.