Antonis Tsikandilakis

Antonis Tsikandilakis is a multi-instrumentalist (piano, bass, drums, guitar) mainly active in the field of jazz music. He is also a piano and bass instructor.

As a member of the Genius Jamtracks team, he has developed two mobile applications, PitchBop and Genius Jamtracks, apps for jazz musicians and music students.

As a musician, he has released three albums as a member of the Outward Bound trio (‘Outward Bound’ – Triple Bath, ‘The Path’ – Slam productions, “I Can See Clearly Now” – Unit Records) and has collaborated with JD Walter (US), Ronan Guilfoyle (IR), Lynn Baker (US), George Haslam (UK), Steve Kershaw (UK), Dine Doneff (GE), Vangelis Katsoulis (GR), Zacharias Spyridakis (GR), Maria Kritsotaki (GR), Zacharias Pinakoulakis (GR), Li’nard Jackson (US), Ilse Huizinga (NL) and others. Antonis is a member of FreeTheSopranoPlayer, a collective of artists based in Crete. The collective’s activities, for the past four years, include improvised musical performances, as well as collaborative ventures between musicians and visual artists, dancers, actors and other artists. Apart from this, FreeTheSopranoPlayer is behind Freedom Day Jazz Festival, an international jazz festival that brings together accomplished artists from Greece and abroad and takes place in Heraklion during July.