Araceli Tzigane

Araceli Tzigane embarked on her journey in music dissemination back in 2000, driven by an irresistible urge to share the sounds that had brought her so much happiness. Since then, her unwavering commitment and international presence have propelled her to stay up-to-date with artistic developments, maintaining connections and exchanging information with cultural agents and artists from around the world.
Araceli serves as the director of Mapamundi Música, a management and booking agency she established in 2007. The agency specializes in excellent music from the peoples of the world, particularly focusing on acoustic genres. Based in Spain, Mapamundi Música operates globally, offering support to artists in crafting their narratives and facilitating their access to decision-makers and audiences alike.
The pursuit of excellence is the guiding principle behind Mapamundi Música’s artist selection process. Araceli acknowledges the delicate nature of the material she works with, music that reflects the history and identity of various communities and peoples. As a result, she adopts a thorough yet educational approach in her work.
Mapamundi Música has been publishing a monthly magazine for over five years, featuring interviews, announcements, and news of relevance to the global community involved in these musical genres. Registration for the magazine is free.
In addition to her role at Mapamundi Música, Araceli is the founder and administrator of the Transglobal World Music Chart. She co-hosts the radio show “Mundofonías” with Juan Antonio Vázquez, which is broadcast in 18 countries. Araceli also serves on the board of the European Folk Network and frequently participates as a jury member in music competitions.
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