Armand Mesaroš


Subotica is a multicultural city on the Serbian-Hungarian border with a rich musical tradition. It’s also a city with an average age (median) above 40 years, and we are witnessing a lot of great local musicians struggling with loneliness and age-related diseases.

Aim of this project is to establish “Music wellness workshops” in Subotica. One aspect is to explore and develop health benefits of playing music (it improves brain function, memory and mental alertness, can reduce anxiety, blood pressure, etc), and another aspect is to organize good quality time for our senior citizens through cross-generation workshops.

Junior Music Studio from Subotica has long experience in workshop organizing (mostly with children and youth). We have cooperation on some projects with local municipality and Music School, but we want to develop and establish cooperation with Gerontology Centre (and Gerontology Clubs) local municipality and NGO’s, to introduce musical wellness into local policy.