Bartłomiej Stolarek

Bartek is social activist, live music fan, and co-creator of the biggest open-air festival in Europe. Since 2011 booking manager for Pol’and’Rock Festival (formerly Woodstock Festival Poland), responsible for creating the line-up for two major stages of the massive open-air festival. Stolarek can be credited with bringing acts such as Amon Amarth, Judas Priest, or Archive to perform at the Polish festival. Bartłomiej Stolarek co-creates the line-up alongside the festival’s promoter, Jurek Owsiak. His responsibilities include overseeing the entire musical production of the festival as well as concerts taking place during the Grand Finale fundraiser. Stolarek is also a production manager of the largest emerging talent competition, which takes place in clubs across the country and is meant to showcase up-and-coming musicians and he acts as executive producer of CD/DVD and vinyl recordings of live concerts recorded during the festival.

Passionate about football and an avid footballer himself, Stolarek never stops searching for new sounds and artists to present at Pol’and’Rock Festival.