Béla Pap

The main organizer of the “Heritage” World Music Festival based in the city of Szolnok (Middle- Hungary) started in 1996. Through decades it was developed it into a versatile series of events that offers value alternatives for a wide range of audience in various art forms. Around the 20th of august in 3-5 days on the square at the bank of the river Tisza there are two stages where the native and international participants of world music festival can perform their art.

With more than a quarter of a century passed, richer with the experiences of 79 days of programmes showcasing 430 bands and performers among them 57 local acts and 77 foreign bands representing 25 countries from 4 continents, 27 dance house programmes, 12 theatre plays, 7 exhibitions, 3 all-art street festivals, 2 national world and folk music talent contests, we are still waiting thrilled for the sounds of the first act on the big stage, for the rhythm to make our feet move and for the music to gently embrace the rustle of the riverside trees and the faint ripple of the river. With the experience described above is still active in finding opportunities to show new talents of world music on local stages.