Bernardo Queiros

Despite his core expertise being in Marketing Communications, Bernardo Queiros has been wearing various hats over the years. Currently working as a freelancer for a range of organizations in the EMEA in music and performing arts, he puts an effort into making sure to have audiences at the heart of every project he’s involved with. One of the cases is his work in marketing and partnerships at Jafra Productions, a 360 record label taking the lead in developing the infrastructures of the Palestinian music industry.

Motivated by his outstanding ability to connect people with the right projects, Bernardo takes part on the director’s board of the Portuguese Music Association, AMAEI, ​where he also manages the marketing activities. As a passionate live events person, he is on the conference organization of Pro Weekend Fest, a music showcase festival in South Spain. Last but not least, he consults on international projects at the Portuguese Export Office, WHY Portugal, and most recently, he’s taken the role of Communications Officer at On the Move, which impersonates all his experiences and values into one. In summary, Bernardo is an advocate of diversity, and upcoming music talent, and a natural expert in bridging the gap of international mobility between collective organizations and individuals.