Bojan Djordjević

Bojan Djordjević, born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Started to write about music for Student and Youth magazines in 1987. Since then he has been collaborating and writing for music magazines in Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia, Italy and UK.

Since 2012 Bojan is organizing and selecting „Todo Mundo“ premiere world music festival in Belgrade with great success. 

Since October 2013, he organized biennale festival „Swiss Music Day“ in Belgrade, Novi Sad, Ljubljana, Zagreb, Tirana and Skopje together with Swiss based association „Swiss Balkan Creative Music“. 

In 2014 he organized festival „Zajedno Zusammen“ in Belgrade, where Austrian and artists from Serbia meet and performed together.

As the President of Ring Ring Association he was the leader of Serbian partner in European projects „PhonArt –Lost Languages of Europe“ and  „EUTERPE“, with partners from Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Croatia and Greece.