Carl A H Martin

Martin originally trained and worked in Architecture, moved into the Structural Steelwork industry then had, for five years, an Exhibition, Interior and Graphic Design Company.

Since 1984, when he joined the, about to open, SECC (Scottish Exhibition and Conference Centre) in Glasgow, he has been involved in the design, build and active operation of a number of arenas and stadia throughout the world. These include Sheffield, Manchester and Newcastle in the UK., Oberhausen in Germany, La Grande Stade in Paris, Shah Alam in Malaysia, Budapest in Hungary, Zagreb and Split in Croatia, Torino in Italy, Copenhagen in Denmark, Bordeaux in France and a new project in Malta. Recently he was involved with the design of a new arena in Kuwait, a major Conference Centre and the 2018 Swimming World Championship’s venue in Hungary. 

Alongside these activities, he has continuous involvement in Live Events, Exhibitions and Conferences throughout the world. 

In recent years Martin has been employed, a number of times, as the Site Coordinator for stadium concerts by Madonna, Sir Paul McCartney, Roger Waters and others. Recently he was employed in the same capacity at the Ultra Festival in Croatia.

Ten years ago Martin was involved in the creation of the European Academy of Venue Management and was involved as a lecturer on a regular basis. For the past twelve years he has organized, hosted & chaired panels at the annual ILMC Production Meeting (IPM) in London, along with chairing panels at other conferences throughout Europe, such as Eurosonic, on a regular basis. He was instrumental in introducing the Event Safety Alliance into Europe and was the co-founder of the International Live Event Safety Symposium (ILESS), held in Istanbul in 2015.

Alongside this he created, in 2016 and now organizes, the annual Event Production Forum East, epfe, in Budapest, Hungary

As well as these activities, until April 2020, for five years Martin was also very active with one of the leading companies in the ‘access control and cashless sales’ industry. This entailed working in Austria, Belgium, Hungary, the USA and the UK. 

Now acting as a worldwide Consultant to the newly formed consortium ‘bypass’ which offers access control, cashless services and considerably more.

Latterly he has also become involved with the move to promote a greener industry, although he has yet to be totally convinced it is all sensible…