Corinne Sadki

Master’s-degreed and seasoned marketing and communication manager with strong experience in the music industry, Corinne Sadki has been working as product manager and head of trade marketing in record major companies (EMI, BMG, Sony Music) developing marketing and communication strategies with a never ending passion for music. 

In 2016, she joined the French music export office in Paris (Le Bureau Export) enhancing her knowledge of the French music sector with new issues of international development. Getting involved in this new general interest mission, developing artists carrier abroad, encouraging the competitivity of the French music sector on new markets, mobilizing the politics to support the music sector have been a strong motivation for the last 2 years.  

She also got engaged in European music matters ; she was elected president of EMEE (European Music Exporters Exchange) in May 2017, and since then, she sustains international development of the European music sector as a key issue of international policy. As member of Le bureau Export and president of EMEE, she has led for the European Commission a “Study on a European Export Strategy”, an in-depth analysis on the status of European music’s export capacity (both within the EU member states and internationally) outlining the main challenges of the sector and proposing practical solutions to enhance and strengthen the competitiveness of Europe’s music sector on the international market

Since November 2020, she is in charge with European Affairs and Gender Equity at the Centre National de la Musique, the new global supporting structure for music in France.