Danaja Antonija Volk

Originally from Slovenia, Danaja has, over the years, found her home in Italy, Croatia, France, and, for the past five, settled in Berlin. Her work has consistently revolved around facilitating creators and their initiatives. Her past projects have included developing some of the “Free Open-Air” initiatives in Berlin with the ClubCommission & Envisioning Free Space conference, hosting a running radio show that aired for the first time four years ago at the local community radio THF & local radio station Alex FM. In this time she also took on various roles, and served as a board member and one of the global project coordinators at the streaming initiative United We Stream e.V. One of her recent accomplishments was taking on the role as a on boarding and creator success manager at Patreon, where she covered multiple countries in Europe and North Africa. Continuing her journey in the tech field, she worked as one of the curators and program managers at the renowned “Tech Open Air” conference. Currently, she is enthusiastic about her role at Most Wanted: Music and the development of her own project “Dogaya.se” aimed at building a community of creators from diverse backgrounds, connecting them with their communities, and assisting them in achieving their goals.