Darko Flego

In the last 15 years he has managed the entire production of EXIT Main stage and the entire festival, produced the Belgrade Calling series, concerts of Madonna, RHCP, Robbie Williams, Depeche Mode, The Chemical Brothers, Gibonni, Zdravko Colic, Warriors Dance festival, many concerts in Belgrade Arena, big New Year’s concerts, through the production of conferences and festivals such as Share, Resonate, Cinema City, to the management of corporate projects for Converse, NIS, JTI, BIG shopping center, Comtrade.

Abroad, he has produced the Spirit of Burgas festivals in Bulgaria, Revolution in Romania, Sea Dance in Montenegro, GEM in Georgia, as well as the Share (Lebanon) and Republic (Croatia), REHESACO (Romania) conferences.

He is currently Head of Operations in one of the largest rental companies in Southeast Europe, where he manages most productions of the most important music, social and corporate events.