Dzijan Emin

Born in Skopje – Macedonia, Dzijan Emin is a versatile musician with great musical experience. From being the principal french horn with the Macedonian Philharmonic, to skillfuly playing improvised music or jazz (on one of the many instruments he has mastered), from conducting international orchestras to composing and arranging scores for movie and theater, to playing guitar or keyboards with rock groups, to producing albums and being artistic director for festivals, Dzijan shines all the way through, always adding a precious original voice and incomparable musicality.

Considered as one of the leading contemporary musicians from Macedonia and the region, Dzijan has also gained quite a reputation all over the world. Which is only natural when it comes to such high level of musicianship. His collaborators include world renowned musicians such as Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Jeff Mils, Francesco Tristano and also Oscar and Grammy winner artists like A.R. Rahman, Kurt Elling, Frank London, Malcolm Burn, Luis Bonnila, William Parker, Bob Stewart, Francesco Bearzzatti, Luca Aquino, Gianluca Petrella, Peter Herbert, Damo Suzuki, “ Air “, Gloria Estefan, Rico The Wizard ( Daft Pank ), Rambo Amadeus, Darko Rundek, Kiril Djajkovski, Arhangel, Femi Kuti & The Positive Force, Vlatko Stefanovski….

As a conductor/producer of different projects his work has been presented and perfomed with the with the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra L’amoureux – Paris, Flanders Symphony Orchestra- Belgium, Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra, Orchestre Regional de Can, Georgian National Orchestra, National Orchestra of Lorraine, Belgrade Symphony Orchestra and recently as main conductor of the New Jazz Orchestra from Skopje.

He has been a vital part of many orchestras including Belgrade Philharmonic Orchestra, No Borders Orchestra, East West World Orchestra, F.A.M.E.S. Orchestra (as a orchestrator and conductor) and many more. He appears on dozens of albums, 10 of which as a leader. He has composed, orchestrated and recorded music for many feature films, theater plays and countless works for advertisements and similar.