Erica Romero Pender

Erica Romero Pender is a project promoter, project manager and musician who is actively involved in the creative industry.

She studied psychology and obtained a PhD in work psychology. During her career, she has been involved in projects of different scale and character and been responsible for various areas gaining know-how and competence in fields like active citizenship, innovation, social inclusion and media.

In addition to her role as an innovation hub officer at the University of Seville, she currently coordinates the project SCENERGIES as part of the Sala X team, a small music venue in Seville.

The main goal of the project is to address the survival difficulties of small music venues by establishing synergies between music spaces in Europe, to promote the role of small music venues and ensure their relevance and sustainability in European cities.

This will be done by the identification and sharing of good practices between small music venues, enlarging the network to become a big-scale alliance á la Live DMA but specialized in small format venues.

The current partners are 4AD (Belgium), Le Grand Mix (France), Mochvara (Croatia), MKC (North Macedonia) y Sala X (Spain).