Imed Alibi

Tunisian renowned Artist, Imed Alibi is a proficient  percussionist and musician. Born in Maknassy in 1978, he  started playing percussions from an early age in popular and  classical North African/Middle Eastern orchestras. In the  search of refining, he moved to Montpellier, France in the  early 2000s, to study in Paul Valery University, in which he  played in a variety of musical groups such as Flamenco,  Eastern balkanic and even brought his musical talent in  dance and theatre.  

Imed became a part of oriental fusion band – ‘les bouakaes’ –  that mixed Rock & Raï, touring with them for eight years and  producing two studio albums – Bledi (2004) and Marra (2008),  succeeded in the musical environment, the band was  nominated in the BBC 3 music Awards in 2006. Ever since,  Imed Alibi has played with accomplished and revolutionary  musicians such as Rachid Taha, Safy Boutella, Mamdouh  Bahri, Ghalia Benali, Kel Assouf, Watcha Clan, Natasha Atlas,  Michel Marre. In addition, he collaborated with Tunisian  singer and songwriter, Emel Mathlouthi for her album Kelmti  Horra and on Tour for several years.  

Imed has a deep curiosity for World Music, searching for  diversifying his art, reaching eastern and western musical 

connections. He most notably worked on the album Banjara, by the famous Réunion band – Ziskakan;  collaborated with the Indian Rajasthani band – Dhoad.  

SAFAR, was Imed Alibi’s first solo album, released in 2014. A creation with the Tunisian violinist, Zied Zouari and  musician, Stephane Puech, and produced by English guitarist, Justin Adams, famous for his work with Led  Zeppelin’s Robert Plant and Saharan desert blues group, Tinariwen. The album – as its name indicates in Arabic  meaning – was a description of Imed’s journeys and encounters as a musician, which led him to also invite  Brazilian percussionist, Zé Luis Nascimento, and Indian playback singer, Shreekumar Vakkiyil. SAFAR was well  received and reviewed by many prestigious media outlets.  

SALHI, was a Soufi/Jazz album released 2018, along with French Composer and Trumpet player, Michel Marre  and Jazz & Sufi music singer, Mounir Troudi.  

Imed is currently working on his new project mixing electronics and percussions. Apart from creating his own  music, Imed also records music for films such as palestro and les prisonniers du FLN by Sami Lainé and  participated in the Iranian film ‘No land’ by Ayat Najafi, with French singers Elise Caron and Jeanne Cherhal,  Emel Mathlouthi from Tunisia and Iranian singer, Parveen Namazi.  

In 2020, Imed Alibi produced the music for the latest film by “Christophe Cotteret” produced by Arte. He is a  consultant in “Visa for music” in Morocco and Babel med in Marseille, Candid foundation in Germany, he is also  a music consultant for Massive Music in London UK.  

Imed involved in humanitarian and social actions such as workshops in refugee camps in Jordan, Bethlehem in  Palestine, Darb Ahmar school in Cairo, Egypt and so many other actions in Tunisia and South of France.  

Imed also participate in the organization of several musical festivals, conducts the Sousse International  Percussions Festival and has been appointed as Director for The Carthage music Days in Tunisia. As well, In  France, he works with SILO, a cooperative dedicated to creating traditional and contemporary music.  

Having brought his music to more than 50 countries, Imed Alibi has been chosen to be one of the ambassadors  of Tunisian and Mediterranean music to the world.