Ivan M. Petrovic

Ivan M. Petrovic is the President of the Managing Board at EXIT Foundation, responsible for running social activities and public affairs of EXIT Festival (Novi Sad, Serbia), Sea Dance Festival (Budva, Montenegro), Sea Star Festival (Umag, Croatia) and Founder of the Public Idea Consulting Agency. Ivan has been an active part of EXIT growth and development since 2013. The EXIT foundation team that Ivan led in the last 9 years has implemented over 100 different projects, campaigns, events, and other activities. One of the most significant achievements was: “Aces for kids” – a humanitarian project for building NURDOR hospital for kids in Nis, winning the title of the Novi Sad European Capital of Culture 2022 and also initiating and winning the candidacy of Novi Sad for the European Youth Capital 2019. Also, he was Producer and Project Lead of other projects such as Youth Heroes, #FirstWorldPeace with Yoko Ono, #StayClean campaign, “Silent Balkan Majority”, 3D Petrovaradin fortress virtual tour, EXIT Life Stream. ConsciousRevolution.life etc. Ivan is a consultant and international speaker in the area of social activism&CSR, creative industries, public affairs, festival&event management, motivation & consciousness, Diaspora & development topics, tourism, destination branding, etc. Ivan was President of the Group of Event Organizers of the Chamber of Commerce of Serbia and a member of the Council for Creative Industries of the Prime Minister of Serbia.

Before EXIT, Ivan was Program Manager at the organization of Serbian Diaspora in the US, Executive Director of Crown Prince Alexander II Karadjordjevic Foundation for Education and Culture at The Royal Palace Belgrade, Junior Consultant of the World Bank, Founder of the first academic Career Center in Serbia at Faculty of Organizational Sciences (2004), President of Student Union of University of Belgrade, Member of Supreme Council of University of Belgrade, etc.

Ivan graduated in Management from the Faculty of Organizational Sciences at the University of Belgrade.