Ivana Deljanin

I have been a part of Charm Music since 2021, working as a promoter for shows in Serbia, Croatia, and Slovenia. My primary focus is on marketing and promotional activities.

During my time at Charm Music, we have promoted a wide range of artists, including Imagine Dragons, Iron Maiden, Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys, Sting, 50 Cent, The Cure, Wardruna, and Dead Can Dance, among others.

My journey in music event management began during my university days when I was studying Arabic language. I worked on promotional activities for Exit Festival and organized Shljokanje parties in night clubs in Belgrade. Four years ago, I founded a non-profit organization called Retro to the Rescue, which helps stray animals in Serbia. The organization collects clothes and accessories, and all profits from sales are donated to animal shelters and individuals who care for street animals.