Jan Hoozee

Trefpunt Festival – since October 2018 – www.trefpunt.be / www.trefpuntfestival.be

§ General and artistic director of 10 day city festival, the core and soul of the huge Ghent
Festivities, as started in 1970 by Trefpunt (under the impulse of Walter De Buck, +2014)
§ Programmation of the Ghent Festivities 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2022
§ Production of 10 live streams without public during the non-festival of 2020
§ Management, networking, fundraising and public relations
§ Coordinator of Sounds Of Europe (Creative Europe project)


Zephyrus Music – from May 2007 till December 2018 – www.zephyrusmusic.be
§ General direction (artistic and business) of reknowned management and production
company active in worldmusic and jazz
§ Manager, promotor, producer of Myrddin, Dizzy Mandjeku & Alé Kumá, SAF, Hijaz, Kel
Assouf, La Panika
§ Production of more than 20 albums
§ Bookings, production and tourmanagement
§ Fundraising, pr, general promotion, networking, administration
§ Organisation and programmation of events, a.o. 3 editions of AWAN – platform for
emerging female artists from the Arab World (together with Arts Canteen, De Centrale, De
Markten Brussel), Flamenco Festival Gent (2012)
Radio Urgent.fm / Radiocentrum – 2006 – 2007 – www.urgent.fm
§ 2006-2007: media project for minorities in Ghent (as Manager of Diversity): organisation
of radio training, setting up long term collaborations with socio-cultural organisations and
media for people with non-Western origin


§ 2004-2005-2006-2007: organisation of multicultural football tournament
§ 2007-2008-2009: programmation of Patersholfeesten, Ghent
§ 2010: programmation and organisation of benefit for Haiti (Ghent)
§ 2011: programmation Little Africa (w/ Senegal Bantamba)
§ 2011-2012-2013: programmation Les Gouts de Gand (w/ De Centrale)
§ 2014: founder of the Belgian World Music Network
§ Since 2014: programmation of diverse club concerts at De Centrale
§ Since 2014: programmation of Copacobana Festival, Ghent