Jovana Djordjević

Bachelor of Journalism at the Faculty of Philosophy, University of Niš. She started at City Radio from Niš, where she reported for three years about city events, exhibitions, concerts, matches, traffic, local assembly… This is how she gets acquainted with various topics and areas, and even in the continuation of her journalistic career, she has worked as a “guy for all” topics in the news station RTV 5. After that, she also got to know the job of a presenter on RTV Belle amie. For one year she would get up at half past four and work as the morning program presenter, and once a week he also broadcasted the “Slike nedelje” about current events in the city and region of southeastern Serbia. Some more presenters’ work is waiting for her as the host of the show “Organska proizvodnja”, (about organic production) which aired on Radio Television of Vojvodina. In addition to this job, at the Ninamedia agency, she got the opportunity to work as a B92 television correspondent. As a journalist and presenter of the morning program, she has also worked on TV Zona plus. In December 2016, she and her partners founded the Marker association, which is the publisher of Megafon portal. Since then, she has been working a lot on topics that concern youth and culture in general, which is why she still feels very young. She is the co-founder of the World Music Festival Merak. Otherwise, he lives in Nis and is 33 years old. She likes to laugh, travel, play, sing, socialize, write, listen and explore.