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Kushtrim Dushi

Kushtrim Dushi comes from Prishtina, Kosovo. After he graduated from University, he decided to take his time to travel and hit numerous festivals as mere guests all around the world, which included Tomorrowland, Awakenings, Sonus, Time Warp, Ultra, EXIT, and many more.

While having the fun of his life, he developed his business idea to offer packages to the Kosovan youth the same way he booked all his travels. So, in 2014, Rave Travel was born.

His mission was to offer and instill to the youth in Kosovo a cultural diversity which lacked due to Kosovo’s well-known isolation. He also offered the possibility for them to travel and see the world through events and festivals alike.

Rave sells Festival Packages, which include tickets, accommodation, and transport. Rave also sells these products individually. Rave is the only company in Kosovo that does this kind of service. By now, the partnership list has grown to more than 100.