Lena Ingwersen

Lena Ingwersen 

Music Cities Network, Cultural Manager, DJ, Keychange

Lena Ingwersen is the Manager Director for the transnationally acting Music Cities Network, as well as Cultural & Artist Manager, DJ & she is part of Keychange as Innovator. She is dedicated to enabling culture and music with the aim to create sustainable change to future-proofed tomorrow’s music and creative industries!

Over the years, she expanded her knowledge and perspectives in the cultural, music and creative sectors in Germany and internationally extending from sub-, pop- to high culture. With the globally acting Music Cities Network she is dedicated to improving communication and cooperation between music cities, recognising music as an important pillar of transnational culture as one common that holds the potential to strengthen the social cohesion.

By being amongst the 74 Female* artists and music industry professionals from 12 different countries for the Keychange development program in 2020/21, she is part of a growing global campaign and movement. Keychange invests in emerging talent whilst encouraging music festivals and all music organizations to sign up to the gender balance pledge by 2022. 

She is co-founder of the nonprofit initiative Act Aware for more Awareness at events, as well as the transdisciplinary festival concept HALLO/Schaltzentrale, an artistic format for spatial development. Moreover, she is working as DJ under the artist name Lej as well as hosting FINTA* DJ Workshops. As Project Manager she was and is working for Festivals, Artists, Music Business Associations and Educational entities, like Dockville, RockCity, Deichkind, Körber-Foundation and Hamburg Music. She is a frequent host and speaker at international music conferences.

After more than 15 years of experience in the music business, Lena is driven by the need to create sustainable change, focussing on bettering structures, frames and accessibility in and into the creative industries. Lena is based in Hamburg, but working transnationally.