Liburn Jupolli

Liburn Jupolli is a composer, pianist and innovator in the field of classical music and alternative genres. Writing since the age of 12, working with the entertainment industry, with theater, film, animation and games throughout Balkans Europe and India since 13 years. Writing for chamber to orchestras for various instrumentalists and ensembles in Europe and USA and presenting and teaching in Europe.With more than 12 years of experience performing, composing producing for the alternative music scene festivals in Europe and the Balkans as a solo act and with bands like “The Freelancers” MTNJ, ELEKTORATI INTELEKTUAL, Oborri, Om Jazz Quartet, Jericho, Gillespie, etc, in “Ngom Fest”, “Sziget fest”, “Exit festival”. Melkveg, Amaterdam, Worm, Rotterdam, “Dam Fest”, “ReMusica”, “SunnyHillFest”, “EtnoFest”, also holds a record of long term non stop performance of Erik Satie’s “Vexations” for 13th and 32 mins. He has a specific interest in innovation of musical instruments where he has invented 6 different instruments from 2009 and works in research for improvement of musical communication and education, as a holistic communication medium and as a tool that can serve for teaching other subjects, such as mathematics. He obtained a Master’s Degree in Music and EdTech in Paris, France, with a focus on the development of musical instruments at CRI – Centre de Recherche Interdisciplinaire – Paris Descartes.Currently he is a PhD candidate in composition and NBU-Bulgaria, and a Professor and Director of CMMDPM-CENTER FOR MODERN MUSIC< DIGITAL PRODUCTION AND MANAGEMENT in UBT University in Prishtina, Kosovo where he leads research projects related to Instrument categorization and archive of Kosovo and documentation of Kosovo Modern Music History. Recently he has also founded the Label/Publishing House “MAGMUS” and aided the formation of the Union of Kosovo Music Scene and founded the first Faculty of MODERN MUSIC in Kosovo.