Lionel Lodge

With over 40 years in the entertainment industry, Lionel have been involved with a diverse spectrum of the industry as a creative as well as a business manager. This includes running a live music venue, a live music booking agency, being senior editor and co-publisher of an entertainment magazine, managing a sync licensing agency. Lionel is currently holding the position of CEO of SyncLodge, the Sync Licensing Project Management Ecosystem, and being on the board of directors for IAFAR the International Association For Artists and Rightsholders. On the creative side Lionel has played 1000’s of shows in many countries, written hundreds of songs and co-written many more. He has produced albums, engineered recordings, arranged music, and has 12 albums released under his name.

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SyncLodge is the Award Winning Sync Licensing Project Management ecosystem with the core focus on the needs of Music Supervisors, Visual Production Companies, and their teams. It is not a marketplace or an agency. It is a best-in-class global ecosystem for the managing the workflow of the sync licensing (legal usage of music in TV, film, video games, advertising) industry. It offers portals for each sector of the industry to work together with tools specifically designed to bring ease and clarity to sync licensing management, team management, communications, agreement confirmations, and placements, plus much more. After over 4 years in designing and building with input from hundreds of industry stakeholders SyncLodge is bringing creative leverage to professionals in many countries around the globe.


Business Champion Awards: Business Innovation of the Year Award – 2023 Nominee
Corporate Live Wire: Specialized Media Platform of the Year Award – 2022/2023 Winner
Corporate Live Wire: Innovation & Excellence Award – 2023 Winner
Corporate Vision: Corporate Excellence Award – 2023 Winner
The CIO Leader: 10 Most Promising Business Leaders – 2023 Winner
CIO Views: 10 Most Inspiring Business CEOs – 2023 Winner
Elite X: 10 Inspiring Male Entrepreneurs – 2023 Winner