Maja Zhizon

Maja Stamenkovic was born in Zrenjanin under the duchy of Vojvodina. ONE has been building for a long time. First with the sounds of the accordion, when she was six, with her father who is excellent singer of Balkan songs; and then in high school, when she learns to play the piano, which to this day remains the instrument of primary expression. Already at the end of elementary school, she is interested in band rehearsals and gigs in the city. As a teenager, in the Josif Marinkovic Choir, she sings spiritual music that fascinates and releases her. The great door through which he goes through in his musical maturation was sounded by experimental, ambient and music of expressive sexuality of emotion. She establishes a band with friends and toured the entire country and coast. She went abroad to sing folk, mainstream, pop, funk, gypsy songs … After that he spent three years actively singing jazz-funk-soul music with the band, visiting the most elite places. The point of transformation of her personality, both musically and privately, is made by going to Fru┼íka Gora where she and her Nenad Stefanovic Japanac soul mate retreat into ascetic life. it is a product of creativity and, above all, productive, where the core of creativity and the treasure trove of music is open. 2010 ZhizonONE releases first author album. It is characterized by musically very bold arhaik-fusion funk – house – disco – drum & bass -balkan combination. The way of singing, the bold combinations of music and the poetic lyrics signed by Mazaja Zhizon make this album unique in the world of domestic music. Now she founded the ORIENT BUS band that performs music, classical, gypsy Latin jazz as well as Balkan music. Zhizon has matured and is ready to show the fruits of her creativity to a wider audience with another album. ONE in this sense is all that a woman can express through words and notes with sacral codes