Marili Randla

Marili Randla, among the initial team members at Music Estonia, has been focused on developing and implementing programs and services that support and advance the music industry. Her involvement spans initiatives such as the internship program INTRO, mentorship and innovation programs, support funds etc. Marili has previous experience in music marketing and event organization (BDG, Club Hollywood, Hiiu Folk, Iceland Music, TIKS records) and has led international youth music projects (Youth Band Award, Stage Europe Network). Since 2023, Marili has been a member of the board of the international project HUB for the Exchange of Music Innovation (HEMI), coordinating the activities for HEMI Incubator. She is also an Estonian project lead for the Music Industry Resilience Acceleration Programme (MI-RAP), international project initiated in 2023 through cooperation among Baltic Sea cities. In her free time, she plays the flute in the Tallinn University Symphony Orchestra and is part of the DIY music friendship group Cosmoskva.