Marin Bošnjak

Marin Bošnjak (1992) Educated at Music Production Academy (MPA), Zagreb 2015/2016. During his studies in Zagreb, he gained his experience in the studio Piece Of Cake (mentor Damir Begović) and in the studio NLO (mentor Srđan Sekulović Skansi). Assists on the various projects (Darko Rundek and Cargo trio, Psihomodo pop, Soul Shadows, Filip Dizdar…). After returning to Mostar, he gained experience in the Recording Studio MC Pavarotti and the Baraka Studio. Currently works at Mostar Rock School as music producer at MoRS DK studio and audio production teacher, sound engineer at Pro stage production (participating in almost every live concert in Herzegovina). As a backup bass player, producer and sound engineer works with new Bosnian music collective „Helem nejse“.