Marina Pommier

Involved in the World Music scene since 1994, Marina Pommier is programming and booking various projects and groups around the world.

Convinced European, she has lived in France, Germany, Belgium and Hungary. She started her carrier as tour manager and production manager for « The Gipsies of Rajasthan » and the festival «  the beautifull Nights of Ramandan » in Brussels and became the manager of hungarian Gipsy Band Romano Drom for 11 years, later of South slavic group Söndörgö for 7 years, and is now envolved with Polish Band Volosi.

From 2001 she started to collaborate with Sziget Agency with whom she organised 3 Hungarian cultural seasons, in France, Italy and the Netherlands. She programs on Sziget festival since 2002 on the Gipsy stage first for 12 years and then Roma and Balkan program of the World Music Stage, and since 2019 started a new stage replacing World Music Stage called « Global Village » with a different approach to music and cultures of the world. At the same time she’s also booking the 2 free World Music stages of the Vidor Festival in Nyiregyháza since 2005. Since 2017 she is intensly developping Traditionnal and World Music concert series in rural villages in South West of France within the association « Le Monde dans mon Vilage » (The world in my Village)