Márton Méhes

Márton Méhes PhD, born in 1974, is an international cultural manager and consultant. With a PhD in German studies, he has already managed major cultural projects in 2006-07, such as the programme planning of Pécs 2010 – European Capital of Culture. He worked for many years as a cultural diplomat in Berlin and Vienna – from 2010 to 2015 as director of the Collegium Hungaricum Wien. He lives in Austria as an independent freelance cultural manager and consultant, but also teaches at the international Andrássy University in Budapest. He was involved in the European Capital of Culture applications of Novi Sad 2021/2022, Debrecen 2023 and Piran 2025, and is currently also working for Veszprém-Balaton 2023. Another focus is on cooperation projects and cultural networks in the Danube region. In this sense, he initiated the cultural network Danube Cultural Cluster and the literature project Donau Lounge. As a manager, project leader or expert, he has been involved in several EU projects (Interreg Culture Platform Danube Region, Interreg Transdanube Travel Stories, MOST – Bridge for Balkan Music) and Danube-wide cultural projects (Art on the Stream, Danube Small Project Fund for Culture, Mysterious, Danube Conferences on Culture).