Matjaž Manček

Currently active as Head of Music Programme at Kino Šiška venue in Ljubljana and project manager of MENT Ljubljana festival and conference. Actively involved in music world since 1996 as a musician in various noise rock (Štirje Pravi Dedci – opened for Fugazi in 1999), free improv (Alzheimer Trio) and experimental bands/projects (BAST). He was a radio activist at Radio Študent as a DJ, and later on as a music editor from 1996 till 2003. He has initiated Klubski Maraton of Radio Študent project in 2001, has been co-coordinator of CrossRadio network of ex-Yugoslavian independent radio stations (2001-2008), club dj, promoter and producer of local and international music events, editor at rx:tx music label in 2004/5.  In 2005 he has established Kataman Music Action booking and promotion association and has run it’s activities until 2009.