Miroslav Helcl

He is the manager of the independent electro-pop band We Are Domi, whose members come from the Czech Republic, USA and Norway. The band was the Czech Republic’s representative at the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest. As an A&R manager for the independent label BrainZone, he has worked on albums by some of the biggest names in Czech pop-rock – David Koller, Anna K., Chinaski and Lucie. Besides A&R, he is also involved in music marketing, publishing, digital distribution and booking. He entered the music world through the band November 2nd, with which he toured several European countries and the USA as a tour manager. For example, Suzanne Vega, Viktor Krauss and Janet Robin used Miroslav’s tour management skills during their European tours. In 2011 he joined the ADN agency, where he took care of leading country and folk artists, including Pavel Bobek and Robert Křesťan. Since 2013 he has been touring with Anna K., Lenka Dusilová, Miro Žbirka or Michal Hrůza, later also managing them. In 2015 – 2021 he was a part of BrainZone and BrainZone International. In 2021 he founded a management and production company together with actress and writer Alena Doláková.