Nicolas Wieërs

Nicolas Wieërs is a Belgian TV and festival producer dedicated to exploring the cultural wealth of Eastern Europe through music and art. With an innate passion for diversity, he strives to promote Balkan artists in Brussels, an international city.

Originally from Charleroi, Belgium, Nicolas was raised in a cosmopolitan environment that exposed him to various cultures. His travels in 2000 to Kosovo and other Southeast European countries ignited his passion for the region’s cultural richness.

In 2004, Nicolas founded “Balkan Trafik…of Culture,” a music and culture festival renowned as a platform for discovering and celebrating Balkan music and Southeast European artists.

This festival is uniquely positioned in Belgium and neighboring countries, serving as a vital promotional platform for Southeast European talents at the heart of Europe. Despite its smaller size, Balkan Trafik, with an average of 8K festivalgoers per edition, has grown into the premier visibility platform for SEE artists in Europe.

Balkan Trafik goes beyond being just a unique festival; it also emphasizes the rich and diverse cultural tapestry of the European southeast. Nicolas’s vision has established a crucial link between artists from this region and European audiences.

Over the years, Nicolas extended his influence beyond the festival, collaborating with artists from Eastern Europe and around the world. This collaboration has blended Balkan music with contemporary genres, further solidifying the festival’s role as a vital promoter of SEE artists. His mission is to reintroduce the region’s music onto the international stage, shedding light on the hidden treasures of the European southeast for a global audience to discover and appreciate.